We cover many types of shooting disciplines. The main ones are listed below. If there is a particular type of shooting you are interested in we will consider supporting it, please get in touch.

Practical Pistol / IPSC


The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was established to promote, maintain, improve and advance the sport of IPSC shooting, to safeguard its principles and to regulate its conduct worldwide in order to cultivate the safe, recreational use of firearms by persons of good character.

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Target Rifle and F-Class Fullbore and Smallbore Target Rifle

Target Rifle Shooting has many different disciplines with different rules concerning the types of rifle, ammunition, targets and aids-to-accuracy which are permitted.  All combine co-ordination of hand and eye, with control of breathing and trigger release, to deliver a shot as near to the centre of the target as possible.

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Sporting Rifle Classic and Historic Rifle
Gallery Rifle • Pistol • WA 1500 Pistol



In 1997 following the handgun ban in GB, former pistol shooters rather than give up their sport, decided to adapt the various pistol courses of fire for use with Gallery Rifles.

Gallery Rifles are essentially .22 semi auto rifles and centre fire under lever carbines.

A highly organised and successful discipline now exists with teams from Wales, Scotland, England, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Germany competing regularly in a number of high profile events at the NRA ranges at Bisley and elsewhere in Europe.

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Cowboy Action

A number of members regular take part in Cowboy Action competitions run in conjunction with other clubs. More information about can be found HERE and HERE.

Classic Pistol


Classic pistol shooting is designed to provide an opportunity for the owners of older firearms to shoot them in competition with others of a similar type over courses of fire that are contemporary with those firearms. This predominantly involves breech loading firearms from about 1860 to 1960.

The Classic Pistol discipline can be broken down into several sub groups but basically it includes all guns designed and put into production before the end of World War 2 in 1945. As time marches on there is, of course, a line of thought that the cut off date should also be extended further into the 20th century.

Probably the best known examples of Classic Revolvers include the Webley, Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers whilst Classic Pistols include the Mauser C96 “Broomhandles”, Luger P08 , Colt 1911 and Browning Hi Power self loading pistols. There are many more but far too numerous to mention here.

There is a very active group of Classic Handgun collectors within the Association and whilst the URA does not run as many competitions for Classic handguns as for example Practical Pistol it is only on rare occasions when Classic revolvers and self loading pistols are not in use in the Eaglehill ranges.



Small Bore Target Pistol